Mobile Ordering App for Restaurants

Enhance your restaurant’s online and mobile ordering experience with the HungerRush Mobile App. Our integrated mobile ordering system is a solution which works for all restaurants – no matter the size, type, or number of locations. This branded mobile ordering app for restaurants allows you to maintain consistency across all of your platforms.  

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Mobile Ordering System

Streamlined and customized for each restaurant, the HungerRush Mobile App is the most secure and stable product on the market. To date, 1000+ customized HungerRush mobile ordering apps have been created – that’s more active apps than any other comparable company. The HungerRush Mobile App flows effortlessly and logically walks each customer through the ordering process.

Our integrated mobile ordering system features:

  • A custom app, designed and branded for your restaurant, which is compatible with both iPhone and Android platforms
  • The ability to easily update all HungerRush Online Ordering tools and settings through real-time, automatic synchronization, including changes to your online ordering menu
  • An unlimited number of restaurant locations
  • Enhanced management reporting features get real-time access to Key Performance Indicators


Lightning Fast, 20-Second Online Ordering

The HungerRush Mobile App now includes a quick four button re-ordering process.

How does it work?

Our mobile ordering system saves user-profiles and payment information. Therefore, when a repeat customer returns to place an order on your restaurant’s mobile app, the re-order process will literally take the push of four buttons to complete their next food order.

This enhanced 4-keystroke feature takes the convenience and speed of restaurant mobile ordering to an entirely new level of convenience.

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Seamless Integration

The mobile app will be branded and customized to match your restaurant.  The graphics and color schemes used for your restaurant’s website and traditional HungerRush Online Ordering site will carry across to your mobile app for a seamless look.

  • Real-time changes
  • When you update your HungerRush Online Ordering Menu, your mobile app menu updates automatically
  • The same rules of synchronization apply for all other HungerRush Online Ordering settings

Feature Rich Mobile Application

HungerRush Online Ordering allows your customers to order as a guest, have multiple addresses, save their favorite orders, create future orders, and log in with their Facebook account. With the HungerRush Mobile App, customers can order in as little as four keystrokes.

  • Easy customer log in through Facebook
  • Guest ordering option
  • Saves customers’ favorite orders
  • 20-second order process
  • Custom delivery zones for each restaurant location
  • Unlimited number of restaurant locations available

Encrypted & Secure

Enjoy the safety and security of credit card processing through the HungerRush Credit Server Software that you already know and trust. There is no third-party payment gateway and no per-transaction fees for credit card authorizations.

The HungerRush Mobile App can save your customer’s credit card number for future use, making placing orders through your restaurant’s mobile app even faster. The mobile app security features include encryption, making it extremely safe for your patron’s credit card number to be saved.

Own Your Customer Data

Restaurant owners realize the benefits of owning their customer data. They have processes in place to make sure they can optimize their data and put it to the best use possible. Owning your customer data allows you to:

  • Better Understand Customers: learn when they’re most likely to place an online order, how much they’re willing to spend, and which promotions appeal to which types of customers
  • Communicate More Effectively: efficiently and effectively communicate and market to your customer base by learning how and when they like to be reached
  • Retain Customers: with any relationship, the foundation of trust is built with effective communication and understanding. Owning your customer data gives you a better understanding of customer needs and how to address them

See Firsthand How HungerRush Can Help Your Restaurant

HungerRush is a fully integrated restaurant management system that lets the restaurant own the relationship with their customer. It creates guest experiences to drive repeat business, makes customer data accessible to analyze and put into action, and creates operational efficiencies to increase profit margins. All in an easy-to-use and highly configurable system.

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