We can help you get a bigger slice of the pie

HungerRush Point-of-Sale and AI-powered ordering technology is made-to-order for pizza chains. Our software is purpose-built to simplify the unique complexities of the pizza business.

Whether you have five locations or 500, we can help your pizza operation make more dough.

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Designed from the ground up to sell pizza

HungerRush’s all-in-one POS system is more than just an ordering and marketing platform. It’s a labor optimization toolkit, an operational dashboard, a delivery management system, and so much more.

  • Manage complex pizzeria menus and pricing effortlessly across multiple locations, all from a single cloud-based dashboard
  • Build customizable marketing automations, personalized experiences, and loyalty programs that keep your customers coming back for more
  • Enhance your performance by adding a cutting-edge AI solution to take phone orders and automate text ordering, all automatically and with no human involvement

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Any way you slice it, we have the solution for you

  • Point-Of-Sale & Payments

    Point-Of-Sale & Payments

    Half and halfs? Split orders? Big inventories? No problem. Manage credit cards, tips, and orders on your in-store POS—no matter where the order originated.

  • Delivery Management

    Delivery Management

    In-house delivery is easy as pie with real-time tracking, custom zones, driver incentives, Smart Caller ID, and on-demand access to DoorDash Drive.

  • Omnichannel Ordering

    Omnichannel Ordering

    Sell pizza in all the places—including mobile apps, online, in-store, or even our AI-powered voice and text ordering system, OrderAI.

  • Menu Management

    Menu Management

    Complex pizzeria menus and pricing aren’t a problem with highly flexible and customizable digital management tools.

  • Customer Engagement

    Customer Engagement

    You know your customers best. Collect and keep customer data to create personalized smart offers and build loyalty.

  • Restaurant Management

    Restaurant Management

    Our all-in-one platform uses innovative tools to help you manage orders, deliveries, inventory, staffing and more.

  • HungerRush Customers Share the Love

    “Text-to-order is the best and easiest ordering experience on the planet especially for a marketplace that prioritizes convenience”

    Aaron Nilsson
    CIO of Jet’s Pizza
  • HungerRush Customers Share the Love

    “We switched to HungerRush because we’d heard good reviews from their customers, especially about their customer support team. HungerRush also provided one thing that no other POS could – their integration with Embed. The sales, installation and training process was amazing.”

    Deborah Slone
    Gatti’s Pizza
  • HungerRush Customers Share the Love

    “I was looking to keep better track of employee scheduling, improve marketing, and utilize online ordering. That’s why I chose HungerRush. Their online ordering alone puts them ahead of everyone else. On top of that, the installation and training I got with HungerRush was the best experience.”

    Aaron Fredricks
    East Coast Pizza
  • HungerRush Customers Share the Love

    “I was using Aldelo POS, but their system was not very efficient, especially for my concept. I switched to HungerRush because their POS system offered more functionality, easier system operation, better food cost and control, and more impressive customer marketing features than Aldelo did.”

    Sergio Madrid
    Papa Joe’s Pizza

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